VA - The Source - Mad Flavor Vol. 1

Name: VA – The Source – Mad Flavor Vol. 1
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 1992
Label: The Source
Featuring: Hard Knocks, Sir Mix-a-Lot, 2nd II None, Kid ‘N Play, Pretty Tone Capone, 2Pac, Del the Funkee Homosapien, Cookie Crew, Two Kings in a Cipher, Godfather Don, Level III, College Boys, Jodeci, Def Jef, Chill Deal Boyz, Poor Righteous Teachers
Producers: The Spear Chuckers, Nate Fox, Sir Mix-a-Lot, DJ Quik, Dana Mozie, Fred Flak, Shock G, Boogiemen, Del the Funky Homosapien, Ice Cube, Danny D., The Noble Amen-Ra, Godfather Don, Jon Gass, Tony Joseph, Eric Johnson, DeVante Swing, Def Jef, Dust Brothers, Chill Deal Boyz, Tony D
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 01:10:48
Size: 162 Mb
Description: CDRip / CD came with the January 1992 issue of The Source magazine №28, the “Rap Music Collector’s Edition”

[04:22] 01. Hard Knocks – Nigga for Hire [Prod. The Spear Chuckers]
[04:22] 02. Sir Mix-a-Lot – One Time’s Got No Case [Prod. Nate Fox & Sir Mix-a-Lot]
[03:19] 03. 2nd II None – More Than a Player [Prod. DJ Quik]
[04:23] 04. Kid ‘N Play – Slippin’ [Prod. Dana Mozie]
[04:01] 05. Pretty Tone Capone – Can’t Talk Too Long on the Telephone [Prod. Fred Flak]
[04:56] 06. 2Pac – Words of Wisdom [Prod. Shock G]
[05:01] 07. Del the Funkee Homosapien – Dr. Bombay [Prod. Boogiemen, Del the Funky Homosapien & Ice Cube]
[04:23] 08. Cookie Crew – Secrets (of Success) [Prod. Danny D.]
[03:32] 09. Two Kings in a Cipher – For the Brothers Who Ain’t Here [Prod. The Noble Amen-Ra]
[05:10] 10. Godfather Don – Homicide [Prod. Godfather Don]
[04:42] 11. Level III – Groove Ya [Prod. Jon Gass]
[04:59] 12. College Boys – Victim of the Ghetto [Prod. Tony Joseph & Eric Johnson]
[04:38] 13. Jodeci – It’s Alright [Prod. DeVante Swing]
[04:53] 14. Def Jef – Cali’s All That feat. Tone Loc [Prod. Def Jef & Dust Brothers]
[04:13] 15. Chill Deal Boyz – Make Ya Body Move [Prod. Chill Deal Boyz]
[03:46] 16. Poor Righteous Teachers – Self-Styled Wisdom [Prod. Tony D]


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